Sovereign Single Track

Willow Springs Rd (most popular), Dalton Wells Rd, Archview Campground (primarily OHVs) 11-13 miles north of Moab on Hwy 191.

Physically challenging, technically moderate/difficult

Trail Surface
80% singletrack (with long rocky and technical as well slickrock sections)

16 miles point-to-point, several out & back and loop options

Lowest Elevation
4350’ @ Willow Springs Road

Highest Elevation
4950’ @ top of Garden Mesa

Ideal in spring or fall; extreme midday heat in July and August. Avoid when raining or snowing.

Directions to Willow Springs Trailhead
Follow Hwy 191 north 11 miles to Willow Springs Rd and turn right. Proceed 2.5 miles to trailhead. Note: road can be sandy and difficult for low clearance vehicles.

Directions to Dalton Wells Trailhead
Follow Hwy 191 north to Dalton Wells Rd and turn right. Take left fork and park. Close the gate behind you and ride. Road comes to a fork at 1.5 miles and a trailhead kiosk. The left fork access singletrack to Garden Mesa (cairn marks the entrance a quarter-mile up the road on your left); the right fork intersects the singletrack in 1.25 miles).

Of the many miles of ATV, jeep, and motorcycle trail in the Sovereign Trail System, the Sovereign Singletrack is the best suited to mountain bikes (along with roads marked on the map). Shorter out-and-back rides can be started from trailheads at Willow Springs (a popular option) or Dalton Wells Rd. The singletrack climbs and descends ridges of the Morrison Formation; rocky, technical sections are interspersed with smooth and flowing trail. Expect to encounter motorcycles. Bring a map as entrances to the singletrack at road intersections have been camouflaged to discourage ATV use. Thank Ride with Respect for developing this multi-use trail system. *