Bar M Loop

Beginning Point: Seven miles north of Moab on U.S. Highway 191. Turn east (right) across the road from the Gemini Bridges turnoff and park in the Bar M parking lot. There is a bulletin board at that point.

Length: 8 miles

Type of Ride: Dirt road

Area Attractions: The Bar M Loop is an easy mountain bike ride offering stunning views into Courthouse Wash as well as other attractions in Arches National Park. The large arches called “The Windows” are visible from this trail.

Route Description: The Bar M Loop offers an easy family mountain bike ride with great scenery. Starting from the parking lot, the trail heads south on a well maintained dirt road. In less than a mile, the trail turns east to follow a less maintained dirt road which often passes over slickrock. Follow the trail markers around the loop, enjoying views into Courthouse Wash and out over Arches National Park. The trail will lead you back to your vehicle at the parking lot. You may encounter the occasional motorized vehicle on this route.

For those who wish to ride back towards town, the well maintained road leads into the paved bike path that runs along U.S. Highway 191.