Amasa Back

Beginning Point: Five miles west of U.S. Highway 191 on the Kane Creek Road. Turn west onto Kane Creek Road and follow it to the Amasa Back Trailhead Parking Lot. Park at this lot and go up the Kane Creek Road another one-half mile to the Amasa Back turnoff.

Length: 6 miles one way

Type of Ride: Dirt road

Area Attractions: The Amasa Back out and back offers a challenging climb to a ridge overlooking the Colorado River and the red rock country beyond.

Route Description: Although a short ride, Amasa Back is a technical and physical challenge. After leaving the Kane Creek Road, the trail descends very sharply to cross Kane Creek. The ascent on the other side of the creek is equally steep, and is a steady climb for two miles. Once you’ve crested the “Back”, the trail hugs a narrow ledge over Jackson Hole and the Colorado River. After riding out to the overlook of the River, return the way you came on a challenging downhill run.